Catania: Two dead as rare storm floods streets of Sicilian city

Catania: Two dead as rare storm floods streets of Sicilian city
Fierce storms battered southern Italy for a third day on Tuesday, leaving roads completely submerged in parts of the island of Sicily.

Dramatic video from Catania showed water gushing through the streets as floods engulfed the city.

Forecasters say eastern Sicily is being hit by a rare Mediterranean hurricane, known as a Medicane.

Italy s Department for Civil Protection issued its most severe weather warning for parts of Sicily and neighbouring Calabria on Tuesday.

The agency warned of potential risk to life and damage to property from heavy rain, thunderstorms and gale force winds in those areas.

Scientists say climate change caused by human activity is making extreme weather events more frequent and intense.

The mayor of Catania, Salvo Pogliese, said eastern parts of Sicily were experiencing exceptional weather events "unprecedented" in their intensity.

Citing the "seriousness of the situation", the mayor ordered the closure of all businesses in Catania except essential services until midnight on Tuesday.
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