China Rising, Episode 3: Wolf Warrior

China Rising, Episode 3: Wolf Warrior
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The 2017 Chinese film, Wolf Warrior 2, tells the fictional story of a Chinese soldier fighting to save an African country from an evil American mercenary. The Rambo-style blockbuster became the highest-grossing film in Chinese history and it has also inspired a new political term: ‘Wolf Warrior Diplomacy,’ used by some in China and the West to describe the Chinese government’s newly aggressive and combative foreign policy under Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Artwork for Wolf Warrior 2, which became the highest grossing Chinese movie of all time in 2017.

Deng Feng International Media

On Episode 3 of China Rising, Wolf Warrior, we’ll discuss how Canada and its allies should respond to an increasingly bold and brazen Beijing by taking an in-depth look at China’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ president; Xi Jinping is one of the world’s most powerful people, and yet people in the West know remarkably little about him.

“He is a major figure, but he’s also one of the world’s most mysterious individuals,” said Joseph Torigian, a China expert at American University in Washington, D.C., who is writing a biography on Xi’s father, Xi ZhongXun.

“One reason is that history in China is very hard to do these days is because Xi Jinping himself has stated that certain versions of history that are critical of the regime are dangerous to the Chinese Communist Party’s long-term stability,” Torigian explained.
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