Confrontation at German coronavirus protest goes viral

Confrontation at German coronavirus protest goes viral
BERLIN - A video went viral Sunday in Germany of a confrontation at a coronavirus protest, where a young woman compared herself to a famous Nazi resistance fighter only to be confronted by a security guard who accused her of “trivalizing” the Holocaust.

Several people protesting coronavirus restrictions in Germany that seek to tamp down new infections have tried to depict themselves as victims of government persecution. Some have even put on Stars of David, symbols that the Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Third Reich before they killed them.

The woman spoke on stage Saturday evening in the northern city of Hannover, telling fellow protesters “I feel like Sophie Scholl, since I’ve been active in the resistance, giving speeches, going to protests, distributing flyers.”

Scholl fought the Nazis with her brother and other members of the resistance group White Rose. After distributing flyers at a Munich university, she was convicted of high treason and was executed at age 22 by the Nazis in 1943.

While the female protester is talking, a young security guard approached the stage, saying repeatedly that “I’m not going to be a security guard for this kind of idiocy.” The woman looks at him in disbelief while he calls her speech “a trivialization of the Holocaust.” He is ushered away by security and she throws down the mic in anger.
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