Skier dies after crevasse fall in Alaska national park

DENALI NATIONAL PARK AND PRESERVE, Alaska - A skier from Colorado died after falling into a crevasse on a glacier in Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve, the park said Tuesday.

The park, in a release, said mountaineering rangers on Monday received a report from a satellite communication device that a skier had fallen into a crevasse. The skier’s partner could not see or communicate with the skier, who the park identified as Mason Stansfield, age 28, of Ouray, Colorado.

One of the rangers who responded to the call was lowered into the crevasse and reached Stansfield about 100 feet below the glacier’s surface, the release states. The ranger said the skier had died in the fall.

Stansfield’s partner, who was not injured, was taken to Talkeetna and Stansfield’s remains were recovered later Monday, the release stated.

Maureen Gualtieri, a spokesperson for the park, said the accident occured on a tributary glacier that flows into the main Eldridge Glacier.
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